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Cielo Technologies, LLC is an engineering firm dedicated to solving product design and product manufacturing problems. Our primary expertise lies within the appliance and metal fabrication industries. In the product design process, we use Six Sigma methodologies to determine the optimum design(s); always considering fabrication and assembly costs. Our years of experience will provide designs, along with sourcing opportunities, that can improve base cost and material costs while maximizing profit and/or component quality. We have the capabilities for life cycle reliability testing of components and completed assemblies, which allows for design changes when and if necessary.

We are experts in gas burner design and gas burner system design with over forty (40) years of experience. Our designs include applications for ranges, water heaters, "zone" heating equipment and components that assemble into these products. We are well versed in the design of jigs, fixtures, material handling equipment and automation cells needed for a modern manufacturing operation. This includes considerable experience with SCARA (Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm) and Cartesian robotics used for the application of adhesives needed to assemble mechanical components. These work cells greatly reduce the overall cost of assembly and significantly improve production rates while increasing quality and meeting Six Sigma requirements.

Cielo Technologies, LLC has created a companion company-CIELO ENVIRONMENTAL, LLC--to champion "green technology". We are involved in the following areas:
1.) Carbon Sequestration; i.e. buying and selling carbon credits,
2.) Biomass "Farming",
3.) Investigation of patents and intellectual properties for possible licensing, and
4.) Engineering consulting to existing companies selling into environmental markets.
5.) Development of "on-board" fuel generator that combines fuel generated with diesel fuel to improve gas mileage; i.e. MPG.

We work with a variety of third party agencies, such as UL, ETL, and CSA, in obtaining the necessary certifications and product approvals. We are familiar with IEC standards and have worked projects with VDE, Watsonhouse, The Dutch Gas Institute and UCIEE (Brazil). It is imperative that products subscribe to the "Right Product--Right Country" philosopy. We have experience in Central America, South America, Portugal, Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Ecuador, Holland, Belgium, England, Korea, and Germany as well as the United States.

Our writers can provide technical writing services for the production and publishing of Use and Care Manuals, Installation Manuals, Work Instructions, Maintenance Instructions and any product related written document.

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